The ABCs of Christmas
Collin R. Hudson © 2013

A Merry Christmas
Because unto us a
Child is born
Down from Heaven
Even to the Cross
For God so loved the world that He
Gave his only begotten Son
Heaven and Earth rejoice
In one baby
Jesus Christ
Kind and just
Loving and forgiving
Mature and cool-headed
Never doubting God
Over our heads He hung
Promising us a Place in Heaven
Quiet like a lamb to the slaughter
Rising again three days later
Savior and Redeemer
Truly King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Unfathomable love for us
Vile as our sins are
With Him we are cleaned as white as snow
eXpect Him this Christmas season
Ye sinners repent and be
Zealous to share the Good News of Christ!

Sometimes, your children surprise with what they are capable of. Collin wrote this today in his free time and all on his own. It humbles me to watch my kids relationship with God strengthen grow.

*****When our kids were younger, we gave them almost the entire month of Christmas off and we did Unit Studies for Christmas, made cookies and presents and spent a lot of time serving. We really wanted Christmas to bring heart change to our kids and we purposefully made time for that. In high school that amount of time off becomes harder but they still book much of their December schedule with service projects. This poem was written by a 12 year old, Collin, over his Christmas break. It might be a good Christmas writing challenge for elementary and middle school kids or as a family devotion during advent.


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