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Recently, we were challenged to make sure we have a working family purpose. I thought I would share what we’ve learned and how to make a family purpose. Oh, and goals for each of the kids too! The examples are our family purpose, the objectives are our goals for this stage of life and the goals are the kids goals. My poor kids don’t know how often I’ve used them as the example of good and bad behavior! I’ll have to raise their allowance.

Family Purpose


Write an overall purpose statement for your family, making sure it reflects the morals and values of your family. Start with “Our purpose as a family is….” Make your statement as precise and simple as possible.

Example : “Our purpose as a family is to bring glory to God through the love and choices we make as individuals and corporately as a family.”

State in a phrase or sentence an objective in fulfilling your purpose statement. Begin your statement with “to…” and complete your statement in such a way that you would see your purpose statement fulfilled.

Example : “To raise our children to be Godly young men and women filled with integrity and joy, who will be leaders for Christ in their homes, churches and country.”
Education Goals – Years ago, when Scott and I were deciding on our kids education whether to homeschool, private school or public school we sat down to decide what we wanted out of our kids education. We each wrote down a list and then they all seemed to fall into these three categories. 

  • A Biblically integrated education. God’s Word wasn’t merely a subject in the day but was integrated into discussion of literature, history and science.
  • Learning should be enjoyable and engaging. We want our kids to love to learn. Not everything can be “fun” but an attitude that learning new things is something to be excited about.
  • Academically Rigorous. We want our kids to be as prepared as possible for whatever God might have for them. We want to challenge them to be the very best that they can be. We want them to meet their potential, and we understand that this may be different depending on the child. 

Sitting down and talking through what you want your child’s education to be and what you want for them when when the graduate is vitally important. It will help you to decide and stay the course on all educational choices. I have these posted and on those hard days, I refer back to these as the “why I am doing the crazy thing I am doing”. They also help me decide on curriculum. We never buy a curriculum if they do not meet atleast two of these goals. 

Individual Yearly Goals – Carefully consider individual goals for each family member. We make goals in three areas, spiritual, personal and academic (for our children) each year and have three goals per area..

Example : For our oldest son, here are the goals he is currently working on

Spiritual – self control over his emotions and tongue Gal 5:22-23

Personal – maintain responsibility over belongings (coats, piano bags, sports equipment) Eph 6:1-2

Academic – have multiplication and division tables memorized through 12

Carefully consider these goals and make sure they meet these criteria:

1. Are they biblical?

2. Do I have a verse or moral reason why to support these?

3. Do they fit out purpose as a family?

4. Do they bring glory to God or glory to us?

5. Are they achievable? We don’t want to exasperate our children. (Col. 3:21)
Post these in a spot where you can see them regularly and pick a goal to work on weekly or monthly, include your children and them pick the goal they want to work on.

.…A note on how this has worked years later- after having done this for over 15+ years, this has become part of how my kids make decisions. They know how to make goals and achieve them. We have talked and worked on how to make small steps to achieve a big goal. They also debate decisions about things like extra curriculars, college majors, colleges and even colleges based on their goals. It’s a vital skill and has already helped them to become high achievers at a young age.
As parents and homeschoolers, this has allowed us to keep a steady course. The education goals we set 15 years ago have come to fruition. We kept them in mind for every curriculum purchase, every decision for co-ops and extra curriculars and has really helped us to make good solid decisions and not just jump on the newest, coolest thing. 

If I had to give one piece of advice for parents it would be to have a plan and set and teach your kids how to make goals and then achieve them.  

But the noble man devises noble plans; And by noble plans he stands. Isaiah 32:8

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