Today is my wonderful husband’s Birthday. One of the things I most love about Scott is how he is our kid’s biggest fan. No matter what they are doing, he is interested. I so admire that in him. I am not naturally that way so have had to learn to be interested in what other’s are interested in. He is the first to help them pursue their interests and passions. 

I also love how he loves to share his passions with our kids. They love Astronomy, NASA, Star Trek, Star Wars, basically all things geek and space ? related because he took the time to share them. My kids love Disney, not only because I love Disney, but because he loves me and has made my interests a priority. He inspires me to do the same but I am not nearly as good at it. 

I am so thankful for his joy and delight in sharing not only what he loves but in sharing what each of his loves. I think it’s this in him that has caused our dinner table talk to be more about Space than philosophy, more about Star Wars than Jane Austen, more about the latest Doctor Who actor – wait, no, that is about me. He also encourages all of us to not just talk about our passions and interests but to step in and do something about it. He’s the one to take Connor to Barcelona and Boston to talk about Scratch, he’s the one who’s taken the kids to Space Camp, he’s the one who works extra so that the twins can do all the Robotics trips. He makes me want to be more interested and more engaged. I am so blessed to be his wife.

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