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As most of you know, we love Homeschool Spanish Academy.  Connor used them for all 4 years of high school and it gave him the foreign language he needed for credits in college.  It also gave him the confidence to go to several foreign countries knowing that if they didn’t speak English, he could at least try another language.  This actually works pretty well in Europe.  Generally, if someone doesn’t speak English in Europe they will at least speak French or Spanish.  Knowing 2 out of the 3 helped give him the confidence to step out of his comfort zone and do some traveling to Barcelona and to Amsterdam. 

The twins are in their third year with HSA.  One of the things I appreciate about HSA is that the twins are speaking and conversing in Spanish with a native Spanish speaker twice a week.  By lesson 3 or 4, the majority of the conversations were in Spanish with very little English.  This gives me the faith that not only can they read and understand Spanish, but they can converse in the real world.  As a matter of fact, they might be mentoring kids in Peru in Engineering and Robotics over Skype who speak no English. They can reach outside their comfort zone and really bless some kids lives because they can converse in Spanish.  

HSA is offering free Spanish e-books of their curriculum for elementary, middle and high school. Even if you don’t use HSA, you can download the free e-books to use with your Spanish curriculum or even just begin to teach your kids a second language.  To download, click on the links below. 

Free High School E-Book
Free Middle School E-Book
Free Elementary E-Book

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