We had a wonderful holiday. We didn’t travel, we played, rested and watched many movies. It was a great break but alas, it’s time to step back into the real world. Coming back to school or going back to work is never easy, but here are some things I have found that ease the transition.

Three steps in going back to school that might help you not lose your mind –

1. Start Slow! We are only doing two subjects this week for three days. Just a gentle, rolling start. Next week we will add a couple more subjects and by January 15th we will be fully back. Seriously, do everyone a favor, and start back slowly.

2. Get Back Into Your Routine! The first thing I do to get back into our routine, before attempting a full school week, is to get our sleeping schedule back into some kind of semblance of order. My teens like to go to bed late and sleep in even later, but as of today, bedtime and wake up time will be enforced. Getting bedtime routines in place also help us to get eating habits back in place. I started tossing all the extra pies and cookies in the trash this morning to help get off the sugar for the start of school. Once bedtime routines are back, the kids slip back into eating at regular times. I find having scheduled meal and snack times to be really helpful. Our cleaning routine will also go back into place as of tomorrow. Getting sleeping, eating, exercise, and screen times back into place will also help with the next item – attitudes.

3. Doing Attitude Checks! Seriously, nothing will torpedo a positive start back into school like bad attitudes, both mine and theirs. I remind myself that homeschooling is a privilege and getting my attitude in place is always the first step. I usually call a, “Come to Jesus Meeting”, with my kids at the beginning of the transition time to go over rules, expectations, discipline and rewards that are standard at our house. Somehow during the holidays, these seem to disappear and be forgotten by them and by me. Having an official meeting to set these back into place helps me to outline my expectations and give them a place to start. I am not a fan of just expecting the kids to know what I want without me clearly explaining and teaching the behaviors and attitudes I expect. This needs to be deliberate.

Remember to plan something fun, too! It’s hard to have all the fun in the holidays and then the pretty lights are taken down, treats are thrown away and we have to start school. It makes me sad (good thing my birthday is two weeks after Christmas) and I know it makes my kids sad. Planning a fun craft, watching a fun movie, or even a drive to a special park will help.

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  1. Dawn, thank you for writing today. I really needed every word you wrote. I need to relax myself this week and not feel the pressure to get everything done. You are such an encouragement to me! Happy New Year.

  2. Can I just say I’ve been loving reading your posts! They hit right where I need to remember to be and as I am just beginning this journey it is wonderful to see someone ahead with wonderful advice:-)

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