This is an older blog on a Christmas Unit Study that we did in 2012.  We decorated our tree last night and pulled these decorations out and even 5 years later, the kids laughed and reminisced at how much fun we had during this study.  Our ornaments are hysterical and very rarely exactly match the song, but man are they funny!

Here is a very quick overview of our study this season.

Main Book – The 12 Days of Christmas by Haidle

Coloring Book – 12 Days of Christmas Coloring Book

Activity Book – Christmas Activity Book

I loved the main book as it explained that the original song was used to explain Biblcal concepts to children and how Jesus was our greatest gift.  Every day it explained a new concept and tied it to the classic song.  The coloring and activity books were great to give my girl something to color and my boys something to figure out and do.

We started our countdown on the 13th, but traditionally it starts on the 25th and goes through Jan. 6th which is Epiphany. It was a great study to do before Christmas as well, and as an added bonus, I didn’t have to get my act together until the 13th of December instead of the traditional advent.

We went on a 12 Days of Christmas Ornament Hunt on the 12th of December which was amazingly fun. We went to at least 7 or 8 different stores to find an ornament that represents each day.  Some are traditional, and some are hysterical.  Some of my favorites are the Dancing Hippo Lady that represents 9 Dancing Ladies or the western dressed cow that represents Maids a Milking.  We giggled and laughed and joked through the evening and made some wonderful memories.  When we got home we took gold and silver pens and labelled each ornament and then each day as we read the day, we colored the sheet (mostly) and put the ornament up.  We also did a small St. Nicholas celebration and a fun St. Lucia Day celebration.

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